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[Updated] Site24x7 Status Pages migrated to StatusIQ

As you are aware, Site24x7 has recently launched StatusIQ, a status and incident communication platform with several new capabilities like SMS notifications, customized emails, automation of status updates, privacy protection, and much more. StatusIQ will be replacing Site24x7 Status Pages, which we're planning to retire soon.

As part of this change, we've migrated all the status pages on Site24x7 Status Pages to StatusIQ. You can access your status pages here: https://www.site24x7.com/sp/client/

You can also access all your existing status pages on Site24x7 Status Pages seamlessly until November 30, 2020. From December 1, 2020, all status pages will be hosted on StatusIQ, and will not be accessible from Site24x7 Status Pages. You can migrate up to 20 of your already created status pages in Site24x7 and use them for free under BASIC plan in StatusIQ. If you own more than 20 status pages and wish to continue using all of them, please contact us at statusiq-support@site24x7.com, and we can help you through the process.

Most of the features you've been using in Site24x7 Status Pages will be available in StatusIQ, along with a set of new features in the Green plan.

How different is a Green status page?

The Green status page is an add-on that offers the following features not available in a Basic status page:

  • Up to 50 components per status page
  • 250 Subscribers
  • Privacy protection for your status pages with passwords and IP restriction
  • Status automation via Site24x7 or email
  • Exhaustive dashboards

Learn more about the Green Status page. Get to know more about StatusIQ plans and pricing.

Kindly comment your feedback below.


Happy Monitoring!


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Plus: this feature will cost extra

From my perspective you are removing existing features what we did use for years and enforce us to either use the new Product and invest money or to change the vendor.

We have a business plan with more than 4.000 monitors. With these 4.000 monitors we may use two status iq boards. Thanks, but this is a huge downswing in your service if you ask me.





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Totally agree and doesnt provide the same features, especially when publishing network\server stats to a wider group.

Definate backward step

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Hi Markus,

You can migrate up to 20 of your already created or existing status pages in Site24x7 and use them for free under BASIC plan in StatusIQ. You need to upgrade only if you wish to use advanced features present in StatusIQ status pages.

Please contact our support(statusiq-support@site24x7.com) for any other queries.


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I hope you are talking about Server or Network monitor performance attributes to be shown on public status page. We already have this in our road map and you can surely see this in our upcoming releases.


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Yes you are correct - Server and Network performance/stats to be displayed

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Now performance stats of all monitor types including Server and Network performance stats etc., will now be displayed on your public status page.

You can check other Site24x7 status automation enhancements we supported and few other important features which we added to StatusIQ in our recent releases in this post - https://www.site24x7.com/community/introducing-new-ways-to-share-and-customize-your-status-pages


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I agree with the ones above. 

50 components are way to few - our services are being more and more build on microservices, and we would like that each service can be monitored. If so we quickly get up to 50.

Also as others have mentioned in other posts, our end customers might not be interested in which of the actual microservices that fail - only whether the service is available or not. Ie it would be beneficial if the monitor group could be shown in the statuspage, but none or only select underlying monitors can be shown when expanded.

Additionally, it would be great if you could support grids (and tabs) or likewise - so that we could build something like eg status.azure.com/en-gb/status or status.mypurecloud.com/ 

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