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Shorter more meaningful URLs for Dashboards.

Are there any plans to allow for more meaningful urls for dashboards instead of that long random generated URL?

Something like https://www.site24x7.com/public/dashboard/<name_of_dashboard>

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Excellent suggestion framirez. We will include this in forthcoming updates. 

I would encourage you to post your feature enhancement or issues for custom dashboard in https://www.site24x7.com/community/customized-dashboards so that it is easy to manage them. 




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Hi Framirez,

Looking at the example URL that you shared, I assume you are looking for accessing these nice URL dashboards with authentication. I am afraid that may not be possible as nice URLs become easier to guess and can compromise the security of your data. 

Can you please clarify your intent again? For eg. the URLs of our our public sharable widgets / GUIs like that of Status Pages etc, the URLs are quite long and cryptic in nature. I am not sure how we can give a "nice"URL.

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We use Status Pages and Dashboards and would like to have the name of the status page or dashboard as the end of the URL instead of the super long random characters (118 for status page). 

currently the URLs are :



for a status page:



We use these internally only so I don't see why there would be concern for security.


Another question I have is, why are the new custom dashboards only setup as public?


Does this mean that the dashboard is accessible outside our user base? Like, can anyone on the internet see these dashboards?


ps.. I may have the character count wrong, but they are long)

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Is there any updated on this topic?


There should be an option to share things internally or externally. Internally shared items are allowed only to people that have a user account in our plan and externally accessible would be available to the world.

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Hi Framirez,

  By internal share if you mean people who are having Site24x7 user login, you can just copy paste the url you see on the browser url bar and the other user should be able to see it. 

Publicly shared urls (i.e if you want to share a dashboard externally to those who do not have an account) will have that long string attached for security reasons as Gibu had pointed out earlier. 



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