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Set up Mail Trigger/Alert when Server goes down

Hello All,

I am new to site24X7 and I need support from your side.

Please help me with the steps to set up mail/Alert whenever the server goes down.



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Re: Set up Mail Trigger/Alert when Server goes down

Dear Prabhkaran,

Let me explain to you the concepts that you need to know before configuring your servers. 

1. Apply proper alert settings for users.

2. Group users into alert groups

3. Select the alert user groups for which you want to receive alert in each monitor (in your case servers).

4. Bulk actions for servers using Configuration Template for servers


    1. All users have alert settings where they can configure what alerts they need to receive. 


2. Once configured add the user to an alert group. 

3. In your server edit form (select the server > at the top left you will find a hamburger icon > click on the icon > Edit > Configuration profiles. Select the user group for which you want alerts to be sent to. 

When your server goes down all users in the alert group will receive the alert.

4. To apply a set of configurations like thresholds, user groups, notification profile, resource check profile for many of your servers its recommended to use server's configuration template. 

In Admin > Server monitor > select configuration template > Add a template > If needed make the template as your default so that new servers that are added will be configured based on the default template. 

Alternatively you can use any template as a param when installing the agent itself. 


Product Manager, Site24x7






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Re: Re: Set up Mail Trigger/Alert when Server goes down

Hey jasper,

Thank you so much for your help!



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