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Server and Printer monitoring


I was surprised to find that our server monitoring product didn't offer a built-in printer and print job monitor.  This is a huge burden for large companies with print servers.  I asked support for assistance with this, but the best they could do was offer up my request to the dev team for consideration and point to the community page.

I know someone out there has crossed this bridge before me so I'm hoping to get pointed in the right direction.  Here's what I need:

  • Printer1, Printer2, & Printer 3 on a single server to be monitored: online/ready, printing, and offline/error status.
  • Print jobs' statuses in each printer's queue to be monitored: Processing, Success ,Failed/Error, & Paused

It would be ideal if anytime a printer goes into a state other than online/ready or printing that an alert be triggered.  Same for a print job that's status is anything other than Processing or Success.

As a bonus it would be nice to have page on the Dashboard with Realtime (or near realtime) statuses of the Jobs in the print queues, but checking this in intervals would be adequately sufficient.

Thanks for reading and I appreciate any and all input!



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Re: Server and Printer monitoring

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