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Seek for HP ILO Monitoring

it would be very interesting to have a plugin for monitoring HP ILOS

Disk controllers and physical state of the server.

Best Regards

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Re: Seek for HP ILO Monitoring

I would agree with this. Other competitors do it pretty much out of the box. Solarwinds does it which is who we currently use. This is a huge drawback to an almost perfect system for us. If we were able to monitor hardware it would make all the difference.

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Re: Re: Seek for HP ILO Monitoring

Hi Amo

We already have a plugin for HP iLO monitors.

Please refer this community post or our documentation to download the script.

Let us know for any further queries.




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Re: Re: Re: Seek for HP ILO Monitoring


I think I'm missing something.

The string from  SNMPUtil.py - which i get by uncommenting print(snmp_command) - is:

snmpwalk -O q -v 2c -c public "theILOip" cpqDriveArray -M cpqida.mib

When I execute it I get:
cpqDriveArray: Unknown Object Identifier (Sub-id not found: (top) -> cpqDriveArray)

When I execute it with the doted OID  .

snmpwalk -O q -v 2c -c public "theILOip" . -M cpqida.mib

I get a response.

So what am I missing on nodename vs. doted.

Thanks for an advice.




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Re: Re: Re: Re: Seek for HP ILO Monitoring

Hi Alex,

MIB file is used to interpret the OID names to their corresponding OID values. MIB files varies with each versions of the hardware.

Both OIDs and the names will works if the MIB file used is the correct one. When the node name is not available in the MIB, or when it cannot read the MIB file, it will throw the exception  'Unknown Object Identifier'.

Sometimes, new managed objects will be defined for a recent version and it will not be available for the old versions. But the OIDs will not change. Each versions will have the unique OIDs if its a new object and the existing OIDs will not change.

That's the reason, you are getting the response while using the OIDs and not when using the names. 

To resolve this, make sure you use MIB you got bundled with the version of your product. 


Hope that helps!




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