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Remote Server Connectivity Check in Resource Profile

It would be helpful to be able to enter a remote IP and port for a server to check connectivity.  Currently, it seems only local resources can be checked by utilizing the server IP or localhost.

For example, for a server named TEST with IP address it would be useful in the Server Monitor resource checks profile to test connectivity to a different server (SERVERB with IP by entering the remote server IP address and port.

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Re: Remote Server Connectivity Check in Resource Profile


Please find attached a plugin script for monitoring remote IPs and ports to check connectivity. Refer our help documentation for any queries on adding a plugin monitor.



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Re: Re: Remote Server Connectivity Check in Resource Profile

Thank you for the plugin but I've already written plugins to do this.  What I was looking for was a feature request to do this natively using the server monitor.  Plugins are fine for doing very specific things but this is a pretty basic task that a lot of monitoring solutions can do including other products your company owns.

I was hoping to have the existing functionality of the server monitor resource checks extended to include remote servers that the source server connects to over specific ports.  The same extension would be useful for the other checks like URL verification.

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