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Percentile Averages

Please add percentile averages in graphs and widgets, so I can quickly view 95th and 99th percentile latency values for my monitors.  Percentiles avoid skewing averages by omitting outlier values from the data, and are used heavily in the industry for latency SLAs.  It may be worthwhile to add these values to reports as well.

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Re: Percentile Averages

Performance report will soon have an option to select average or 95th percentile. In monitor details page chart widgets, you can view 95th percentile option by clicking the top right hamburger menu option in each chart.

You can post your suggestions/feedback on reports in this forum post


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Re: Percentile Averages

I have attached screenshot for 95th percentile option in chart widget.

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Re: Re: Percentile Averages

Thank you Thillai, looks great!  Are there any plans to offer a "99th" as well?

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Re: Re: Re: Percentile Averages

Welcome carmour! There is no immediate plan on 99th percentile. We would take that as a feature request. Will give priority based on more requests on the same from customers.

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