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Customize your notification configurations and stay updated

Getting notified is essential in monitoring. Site24x7's Notification Profile helps you configure your notification preferences, including how and who to notify. 

We're happy to inform you that we've introduced the enhanced Notification Profile with multiple customization options and a new feature called On-Call Schedule for configuring shifts for getting notifications.

What's new with the Notification Profile?

Here's how the new Notification Profile can help you:

Monitor-based notifications

In your IT environment, you might monitor production and non-production environments. You might prefer to attend to production environment issues more quickly than non-production issues. You can now configure your alert preferences accordingly by opting to receive phone call alerts for production monitors and email alerts for non-production monitors.

Status-based notifications

Unexpected and prolonged downtime can affect your SLAs and flood your inboxes with alert notifications. This can cause alert fatigue, leading to teams missing important notifications.
You can now solve this issue by setting up different notification modes for different status alerts. For instance, ‌you can receive important alerts like Down/Critical status changes through calls or SMS and receive Trouble/Up alerts through emails.

Time-based notifications

Receiving notifications on time is crucial. To ensure this, you can use time-based alert customization. For instance, during office hours, you will be checking your email frequently, so you can opt to receive email alerts then. Outside of office hours, you can opt to receive SMS alerts to get alerted instantly. 

Notification Delay

IT teams always prefer automation, and Site24x7 is aware of that. Here's a little something for you. If one of your monitors has a Critical/Down status, you may not wish to receive alerts instantly. Instead, you want an automation to be executed to resolve the issue, alerting you only if it's not getting resolved. You can now configure this using Notification Delay by opting to get alerted after a given number of consecutive failures, providing ample time for the automation to fix the issue.


Persistent Alerts

In an IT environment with multiple issues active at a time, chances are high for you to miss important alerts. If one of your goals is to reduce the MTTR, then it is crucial to resolve issues quickly. With persistent alerts, you can receive continuous notifications through multiple preferred modes (such as emails, calls, SMS, and third-party integrations), enabling your team to take action.

Alert Escalations

When serious issues arise, it's important to keep all the stakeholders in the loop.

Alert escalations can be used to escalate issues to different levels in the hierarchy. More than one escalation might be required through more visible alerting modes, like phone calls or SMS. You can now configure all these customization options under Escalation Settings for the new Notification Profile. 

For instance, when a monitor goes down, you'd want an email to be sent to the IT operations team. If the issue isn't resolved within 10 minutes, you want a support ticket to be raised and an email to be sent to the team lead. After one hour, you want an SMS to be sent to the team lead along with an email to the manager. By four hours, you want an SMS to be sent to the manager, and so on. This can help in informing the user alert groups about the monitors that are still down and issues that are yet to be resolved.


Migrating to the new Notification Profile

You can try the new Notification Profile by migrating from the old profile. To migrate:

  1. Log in to Site24x7.

  2. Navigate to Admin > Configuration Profiles > Notification Profile > Migrate Profile.

Note: Site24x7 users who signed up after March 31, 2022, needn't migrate their accounts as they're already using the enhanced profile.

Once you migrate, you won't be able to revert to the old profile. You need to migrate to the new profile on or before the following dates based on your data center:


Data center

Date of migration


Wednesday, August 31, 2022


Wednesday, September 28, 2022


       Tuesday, October 25, 2022


Accounts will automatically be migrated to the new profile after the above dates. 

Also, as part of the migration:

  • You can receive alert notifications beyond the alerting period you've configured.

  • You can now restrict the alerts to business hours by configuring shifts using the On-Call Schedule feature.


Please contact support@site24x7.com if you need any clarifications. Feel free to add your feedback in the comments below.

Happy monitoring!



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What impact will this have on the existing profile we have for monitoring?

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Dear Neville,

   There wouldn't be any impact. We run a migration that will map the old with the new. You can analyse the migration result and then choose to migrate from the client itself. If you come across any issues, please reach out to us as we provide dedicated support to all customers in the migration process.  



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All users will now have the abovementioned configuration of Notification Profile. 

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