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New monitoring Location Request

by Gibu

If you need Site24x7 to support a new monitoring location in addition to what is already supported, please post it here. 

We will try to support it based on the demand. Please vote       for a location if its already asked for in this post.
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Re: New monitoring Location

We need a location for Shenzen China

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Re: Re: New monitoring Location

Hello Johny, 

I apologize for a delay. 

We do have a plan to expand our monitoring networks and "Shenzen China" location will be available in any one of our future updates. Right now, I might not be able to confirm any timeline and will update you on this thread once we have a monitoring server on this location. 


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Re: New monitoring Location Request

On a side note ... There should be at minimum 3 locations per sub-region...

Example, in the Downtime Rules it is a suggested to use a minimum for 3 locations to avoid false alerts, however, for  example:

In Brazil, there are only 2 locations that can be used for monitoring a site in Brazil or even worst in Israel as there is only one location there; while in the USA there are 17 locations.


Just my 2 cents tho.

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Re: New monitoring Location Request

Thailand please

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Re: Re: New monitoring Location Request

Hi Patrick,

Our apologies for missing to update this thread. We added a new location for Bangkok, Thailand recently over the last few weeks. We hope this meets your monitoring requirements. 




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Re: New monitoring Location Request

We will prefer to have more Monitoring Locations in Africa


Cairo, Egypt 

Nairobi, Keyna

Dakar, Senegal


and others

and other hardship countries like





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Re: New monitoring Location Request

We need to add monterrey and more locations near monterry,could you please suggest on this

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