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More options for User Roles

We currently use the following roles in Site24x7:

  • Super Admin
  • Admin
  • Operator

The problem for us lies in that we have users that fall between Operator and Admin. These users should not be Admins but need to have the following roles that an Admin has:

  • Add/Edit/Suspend/Activate/Delete Monitor
  • Reports, Schedule Reports, Report Settings
  • Custom Dashboard
  • Schedule Maintenance

It would be nice if there was a Jr Admin role created that allowed for a user to not be a full admin but still be able to perform some admin duties.

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Re: More options for User Roles

Hi Framirez, 

   Apologies for the delay. We currently do not plans to support them. But I'll take it as a feature request and update our backlogs.


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Re: Re: More options for User Roles


Any updates on if this will be added as a feature anytime? We are getting more and more request for self-servicing and the only way to be able to do that at the moment is to grant users the Admin role.


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Re: Re: Re: More options for User Roles

Sorry to disappoint you in this Framirez. We are not looking to do this now. 


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