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Monitor your PHP applications hosted in Microsoft IIS server with APM Insight PHP Agent

Yes, You read it right! You can now monitor your PHP applications hosted in Microsoft IIS server or Windows platform with Site24x7 APM Insight.

At Site24x7, we always aim to provide a seamless monitoring experience. While the traditional PHP applications were confined to the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql, Php) stack, we were intrigued to provide a monitoring solution for PHP applications hosted in IIS/Windows platforms. A few coffee table discussions, followed by a few sleepless nights by our developers have made this possible.

With APM Insight PHP Agent, you can 

  1. Understand your end-user satisfaction level with the help of key metrics like Apdex Score and Response Time
  2. Proactively monitor to identify errors, exceptions, and traces
  3. Understand the throughput time taken by your database transactions

So what are you waiting for? Try it out and let us know your feedback.

Happy Monitoring! 

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