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Monitor VoIP QoS

The need for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services has grown with the increase in remote work. Similar to monitoring remote work infrastructure, monitoring the tools and services that support remote work, including VoIP, is also crucial.

Moreover, the key to a successful business is customer support and interaction, for which VoIP services play a major role. A customer’s experience on a call is business-critical, as poor call quality due to interruptions may devastate customer trust and cause the organization to lose business. Organizations need a good VoIP monitoring tool to avoid such issues.

Site24x7's VoIP monitoring and analysis tool provides metrics to keep track of the quality of service (QoS) during the entire call path. Monitoring metrics from the source to destination, and vice versa, helps to locate any problems. This in turn allows you to resolve issues quickly and achieve glitch-free communication.

To get started with Site24x7 VoIP monitoring, all you need is a Cisco device that supports IP SLA.

Benefits of VoIP QoS monitoring

  • Estimate the call quality and network quality using metrics like mean opinion score and round trip time.
  • Check the latency, jitter, and packet loss, which can all cause choppy voices and audio delays.
  • Pinpoint the exact time and location of issues in the call path by monitoring jitter and latency in both directions of communication.
  • Drill down into analysis of delayed packets, missing packets, and out-of-sequence packets.
  • Identify the percent of successful, failed, and busy call paths, as well as the percent of call paths with errors.

Comprehensive VoIP monitoring dashboard

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