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Monitor for MTR


Would it be possible to get an MTR style monitor? 

The use case would be to track and notify when route info changes, when route hops count gets much longer or shorter, when there are issues getting to a previously good node within the trace or when packet loss is detected past a threshold.  

This might help to track down network issues from various locations and get a feel for network latency too. 



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Re: Monitor for MTR

We'd like more information on what you need from an MTR monitor. Here's a preliminary idea of how the monitor would look:

Hostname: IP address / FQDN
Protocol & Port: TCP / UDP / ICMP

Maximum latency
Increase in hops
Increase in latency (Any single hop)
Increase in latency (Average)
Packet loss (Any single hop)
Packet loss (Average)

We'd disregard hops that never respond etc. Let us know if you need anything more.

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Re: Re: Monitor for MTR

Hello Kurian,

In our case, we would like to be able to check that a particular host/device is found in the path as well as your ideas above.



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Re: Re: Re: Monitor for MTR

Thanks for your feedback. We'll keep you posted on any developments.

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Monitor for MTR


We are also insterested in this kind of monitor.

Do you have any ETA for being released ?


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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Monitor for MTR

We don't have an ETA, but we will update this thread with relevant information when available.

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