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monitor file in a Microsoft cluster



Currently there is a way to monitor file (change of time stamp, size etc etc), but its only limited to a stand alone server. There is no way I can monitor a file  which is serviced by a Microsoft Cluster. If I put a monitor on one node, its going to fail on other node of the cluster as the file will will be accessible from one node of a cluster at any point in time.


Need this feature be available in a cluster file server.





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Re: monitor file in a Microsoft cluster

Hi Ash,

Thanks for raising this. Using Site24x7's Log Management tool , you can monitor Microsoft cluster's Windows events and also get alerts when file access is failed across clusters. To achieve this, you can configure patterns for Microsoft Cluster's Windows events, exactly as they occur when there is file access across clusters. 

To enable log management in your Microsoft cluster server, please follow the steps below:

1. Log in to Site24x7.

2. Go to Admin > AppLogsSettings.

4. Mark Yes for the option Collect application logs from servers using AppLogs.

This will collect events from the Microsoft clusters and configure the pattern to capture the specific event when fail access is failed across the cluster. 

Hope this fulfills your requirement. For any queries, please leave your comment in the below thread.






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Re: Re: monitor file in a Microsoft cluster

Hi Muralikrishnanm,

I am not sure if you got my question right.  Pl re-read my posting.

I am talking about Admin --> server --> resource check profile --> File check

It works fine for a stand alone server, but CANNOT be applied to a cluster node.

Hope it does make sense what my grievance is about.





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Re: Re: Re: monitor file in a Microsoft cluster

Hi Ash Dey,

Currently, we don't support this in resource checks. Alternatively, you can try the suggestion that I have provided in my previous comment.

Hope that helps. Let us know for further queries, if any.





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Re: Re: Re: Re: monitor file in a Microsoft cluster

I know this feature is not there, and that is the reason I put this post as a feature request.

In fact, cluster monitoring requires a whole lot of improvements, it currently does very a basic job. Its not worth sacrificing an advance license for it  in  its current capability. Pl do look at what SCOM monitors on a file and SQL cluster and try to incorporate some of those capabilities. It will be helpful.

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