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Site24x7 AppLogs—Log management for DevOps!

The wait is overour log management solution is now ready to monitor and manage logs across servers and applications. Site24x7 AppLogs, developed with you in mind, can be scaled to handle terabytes of log data and it has been battle tested by handling logs of our Zoho Services.

What does it do?

Site24x7 AppLogs collects logs from your server and lets you monitor all your system and application logs from a single dashboard. You can collect, consolidate, and search content in your application and server logs across data centers to gain actionable insights for quicker troubleshooting.

How do I get started?

All you need to do is add a server monitor to Site24x7. The server agent then installs an AppLogs agent and looks for predefined log types available on your server. By default, we extend support to over 20 application logs including Apache, Cassandra, IIS, and Redis as well as log frameworks like Log4j, Logback, Log4Net, and Nlog. In addition to the predefined log types, you can also create a custom log type and define a log profile.

How does it work?

Once you add a new log type to your log profile, it will automatically be added to the set of supported log types. Any logs that match the pattern are uploaded to the Site24x7 server (logu.site24x7.com), which means you're all set to monitor your logs. Ensure that you whitelist this domain so you don't run into any issues down the road. 

How can it help me?

With Site24x7 AppLogs, you can track and fix a wide array of problems, including external database call failure, UI unresponsiveness, file upload failure, and dynamic user input verification. This also helps you reduce Mean Time to Identify (MTTI) and Mean Time to Repair (MTTR).

What is special about it?

Using our single, intuitive dashboard, you can perform a query language search and view all production application logs and performance issues in the same console. Your developers and IT operators won't need access to production servers for server troubleshooting. With graphs for visual aid, keep track of all your servers and applications' logs from a single console.

Consider the following query as an example:

logtype="SysLogs" and application CONTAINS "systemd"

This query fetches the log entries with the log type "SysLogs" and the application field containing "systemd". You can also perform searches by combining queries like groupby, timeslice, or both. Read our help documentation to learn more. 

What has changed?

In the process of enhancing our product, we included a number of features for Site24x7 AppLogs after the release of the open beta. These include Log Trend Analysis, Query Language Search, Recent Searches, and Saved Searches along with some back-end enhancements to boost performance.

Our efforts don't stop here; we've got plenty more features in development. Feel free to share your feedback and suggestions in a comment below, and enjoy monitoring with Site24x7!


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Re: Site24x7 AppLogs—Log management for DevOps!

We already pay for website monitoring, starter package, but I couldn't find the price for the log management feature. It is also not clear which package includes log management. I think you should promote this feature in a better way.

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Re: Re: Site24x7 AppLogs—Log management for DevOps!


The AppLogs feature is available across all our paid plans. The Starter Plan by itself gives you 500MB of logs every month. 

You can purchase additional logs as add-ons under Admin >> Subscriptions >> Purchase add-ons on your Site24x7 account. The Applogs add-on is priced as below. 

  • Additional 10GB Logs: $10/month
You can write to us at sales@site24x7.com for more information. 
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Re: Site24x7 AppLogs—Log management for DevOps!

how should i handle generated log files?

lets say i use nlog and create daily files or 10MB files

when can i delete them? or should i leave them on the server?


when they are actually uploaded?

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Re: Re: Site24x7 AppLogs—Log management for DevOps!


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Re: Re: Site24x7 AppLogs—Log management for DevOps!


We start collecting last 24 hours logs that are configured in the log profile. In an ideal case, logs will be upload to Site24x7 servers with in 2 to 3 minutes. Hence you can keep only the last one-day logs in your system and remove the older ones.

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Re: Re: Re: Site24x7 AppLogs—Log management for DevOps!

How I can delete the applogs because my limit is 21 GB and its some server consumed 17 GB in 3 days only.

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Site24x7 AppLogs—Log management for DevOps!


        We don't have an option to delete the logs. Our licensing is for Logs ingestion & search. It doesn't means, you can delete some logs and use it again.

        This looks like a specific issue where your sever has pushed more logs. However you can restrict such uploads by setting limits for log uploads. Refer to this doc for more. If you need further assistance, please reach out to us at support@site24x7.com.



Magesh Rajan

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