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limit the persistent notifications based on alert types

Right now persistent notifications are global across account.


There are cases where that doesn't really make sense.  For example, a disk alert may be set to notify you at 85% but you wouldn't want to be alerted every 1-5 minutes all day every day.  Recommend being able to turn off persistent notifications based on the alert type.



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Re: limit the persistent notifications based on alert types

Hi David,

    You can avoid persistent alerts by muting the alerted monitor in Alarms tab. You can mute alert for a monitor, monitor group are all monitors for a certain period of time. Goto Alarms tab-> in the top right corner click Mute Alert button. Here you can specify the time duration (from 5 min to 1 day) for which you don't want to receive alerts. Once done you will not receive alerts for the selected monitors/monitor groups. You can also specify a the reason if you are aware of the reason for the alert and you are working on it to solving that alert. You can also unmute or extend the mute period.


Hope this helps.


Product Manager, Site24x7

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Re: Re: limit the persistent notifications based on alert types

Thanks so much.  In some cases where you won't be able to address the issue for weeks due to planned maintenance it may help to have an option for x weeks x days, (maybe even x months) but longer term options could be very useful.  Glad to know this already exist though.

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