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Introducing support for Fluentd and Logstash in Site24x7 AppLogs


You can now monitor your application and infrastructure logs pushed via open-source log collectors, like Fluentd and Logstash, using Site24x7 AppLogs. Read on to learn more.

Consolidating logs using open-source log collectors:

With distributed architecture and microservices becoming the norm, open-source log collectors facilitate log collection from applications, network devices, dockers, etc. Your application may have n number of log types, and you can easily manage them under a single roof using open-source log collectors. While log collectors may offer data pipelines to structure your logs, they lack other capabilities like flexible dashboards, alerting, and reporting. And this is where Site24x7 AppLogs comes in handy.

Site24x7 adds support for log collectors:

With Site24x7 AppLogs, you can take your log management one step ahead by pushing logs from log shippers to the Site24x7 console. 

Once the logs are uploaded from the respective log collectors, you can easily manage, query, and archive your logs based on your requirements. You can also set custom dashboards to view critical metrics, configure alerts as required to stay on top of outages, and schedule reports as needed. This helps you seamlessly monitor your logs irrespective of their type or source.

Currently, Site24x7 supports log management for Fluentd and Logstash

Get started:

Refer to our help documentation to get started. If you have any questions or comments, drop a comment below or reach out to us at support@site24x7.com.

Happy monitoring!

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