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Introducing StatusIQ's SDKs for your business's mobile applications

Outages and service disruptions are inevitable for online businesses. With Site24x7 StatusIQ, a status page and incident communication tool, you can handle customer service effectively by sharing real-time updates on ongoing incidents or inform your customers in advance when there's scheduled maintenance. This way, businesses achieve transparency about their services, and customer communication is kept on point. Now, we're bringing the functionalities of StatusIQ right to your mobile apps!

By integrating the StatusIQ software development kits (SDKs) for Android and iOS with your product's mobile app, you can share real-time service-related updates with your clients, and also customize fonts and colors. 

StatusIQ's SDKs for iOS and Android are open source, so you can download the SDK, integrate, and customize the SDK according to your app. Once integrated, you can create an action that can be placed in the app. Invoke that action to display the service status in your app. This way, you can ensure that your customers are kept informed about the status availability of your services from anywhere, anytime. 

You can find the StatusIQ SDK sources in their respective GibHub repositories here:

After integrating, here's how StatsuIQ will communicate service status to your customers:

Businesses can showcase:

We hope that providing real-time status updates through your business's mobile app helps you offer transparent services to your customers and inspires confidence in your business. Please feel free to add your suggestions or feedback in the comments.

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