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Understanding different sections of the Status Page

Status pages are comprised of different sections including:

a. Active Incidents
b. Component Summary
c. Performance Data
d. Component Status History
e. Upcoming Maintenance
f. Incident History

a. Active Incidents
The Active Incidents section contains details about ongoing incidents or scheduled maintenance affecting your components.

b. Component Summary
In the Component Summary section, the current status of all the components and component groups is displayed. You can edit the status of a component by choosing a status from the drop-down list next to that component.

By clicking on the  icon in this section, you will be redirected to the Status Page Settings section where you can make any required changes in the Widget Controls section.

In the Component Summary section, the components that are automated via Site24x7 or via email will have a Site24x7 or email tag next to them.

c. Performance Data
Performance metrics is shown only for Site24x7 automation-enabled components where the performance data of the associated monitor in Site24x7 will be shown. Clicking on a Site24x7 automated component will redirect you to the Component Details Page where you can view the global location status, End User experience Map (if the monitor associated with the component you have chosen is associated with a Real User Monitoring (RUM) monitor), and performance metrics chart.

d. Component Status History
The Component Status History section provides the status of components or component groups over a period of time. By default, the uptime percentage of components and component groups for the last week will be available in the status history section.

If you need to view more information like the uptime details for a particular day, the incident count on that day, the total incident duration etc., you can click the icon provided below that particular date.  

Moreover if you click on the uptime percentage for a week, you can view information like uptime for that week, incident count for that week, and total incident duration.

Uptime percentage of a component (the percentage of time for which the particular component was operational for the past one week) is calculated using the formula:
                                                          (Total time - total down time) * 100
                                                                      Total time

Uptime percentage of a component group is obtained by using the formula:
                                                 Sum of the up time percentage of all components in that group 
                                                               Number of components in that group

e. Upcoming Maintenance

 You can view a list of all upcoming scheduled incidents or maintenance created in StatusIQ or Site24x7 if status page contains Site24x7 Automation enabled components).

In the Upcoming Maintenance section, you can view the maintenance time, the name of the components that are affected by the maintenance, and a short description about the scheduled maintenance.

f. Incident History

Under the incident history section in your status page, you can view a detailed record of resolved real-time incidents and finished scheduled maintenance for the past seven days by default.
You can view the incident history for past year by clicking on the Incident History button at the bottom of your status page.

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Help StatusIQ Status Page Sections