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Introducing Crash Analytics in Mobile APM


We're thrilled to announce that Site24x7 Mobile APM now supports Crash Analytics. You can now analyze the finer details of your application crashes, including device and user information.

With Crash Analytics, you can:

1.Understand how and why your application crashed

Get a holistic view of crash details like the number of crashes, the devices wherein the crash has occurred, the number of users who were affected by the crash, and the corresponding app version. You can also compare the percentage of crashes that have occurred over a given time period and the and the devices and users who have not experienced a crash during that time period. 

2.Drill down to the minute details 

You can click on individual crashes to view their stack trace. The Device Summary shows you the occurrence of the corresponding crash across devices and OS versions. You can also download the stack trace. 

Additionally, you can mark milestones to track your performance enhancements before and after the crash. 

Learn more about Crash Analytics

Learn more about Milestone Markers

If you have any feedback or comments, let us know in the comments section below, or drop us an email at support@site24x7.com.

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