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Feature Request: Docker Configuration Template



Can you please implement a Docker monitor configuration template?


A Docker agent appears to be a normal Site24x7 Linux Server Agent installed into a Docker Instance; however, when deploying a Linux Server Agent into a Docker Instance, it does not take the settings of a Server Agent's Configuration Profile.  It would be great to have a way to assign a Docker instance to Monitor Groups and User Alert Groups via a Configuration Profile in the same manner I can assign a lot of other Site24x7 monitors to Monitor Groups automatically when deployed.


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Thanks for bringing this up. We shall add this in our road map and update this thread once the feature is live.

Happy Monitoring!

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We have added new actions to Configuration Rules specific to docker containers. You can associate actions like:

  • Mute container termination alerts
  • Auto-discover docker containers
  • Automatically remove terminated containers

Please read our documentation and let us know for any comments.





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I'm kind of new to the topic need anyones help please

scenario: i have a 3 container simple app

[backend] a python container which which uses uwsgi to serve as app server

[frontend] a react container for serving as frontend (fetches async data from backend)

[revproxy] acts as reverse proxy for frontend

it is all working on my local dev on docker-compose. however when i push this to elastic beanstalk, the frontend seems to be unable to fetch the data from backend.

I tried to bash into the ec2 instance, did a curl it returns the content from backend. so i was wondering if it something to do on how react fetches from backend (but strangely again its working on local dev)

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