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Feature Request - Disk Queue Length

I would like to be able to see the disk Queue length the same way i currently see the disk I/O.
And i would also love to see the options to set alarms based on I/O and Queue length.

These counters are really good to predict performance degradation based on Hardware/storage issues, specially on shared virtual environments.
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Re: Feature Request - Disk Queue Length


Thanks for bringing this in as a feature request. Currently, we do not support monitoring the Disk Queue length. However, we will add this to our roadmap. We will update this post once the feature is developed.

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Re: Re: Feature Request - Disk Queue Length

Do you have update about disk queue length monitoring?


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Re: Re: Re: Feature Request - Disk Queue Length


We now have a plugin integration for monitoring the average disk queue length counter on Linux servers. Please refer our documentation on how to install this plugin.

Let us know for further questions, if any, in the below thread.




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