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Faster incident response with incident chats and team collaboration in Site24x7

At some point, I'm sure most of us have been in an IT war room situation, firefighting incidents and trying to get the business on track. Sometimes simply finding the right person to help fix the incident can be more cumbersome than actually fixing it.

On top of this, various teams within IT (operations teams, applications teams, database teams, and customer-facing teams) have their own daily tasks to carry out but are often asked to acknowledge, understand, and fix incidents in an ad hoc manner.

In such environments, solving an incident without proper communication and workflows in place can be a challenge. This is why it's essential to have all the information on the problem in a single place and collaborate among directly responsible individuals to expedite incident resolution.

Introducing Incident chats

We are excited to offer Incident chats in Site24x7 via Zoho Cliq, to begin with, so that IT teams can collaborate in real-time and lower the MTTR of incidents. With the click of a button, admins can start collaborating within teams and leverage Cliq's chat, screen share, video and voice calls, image annotation, and whiteboard capabilities from the platform. 

Site24x7 users can create Incident chats for monitor groups or monitors. Users can also create chats to collaborate with other team members on an alarm or discuss incidents related to an anomaly that may have affected the business. They can continue in the same chat on subsequent incidents for the same monitor or monitor group.

Image 1: Incident chat created for a monitor.

Discuss and collaborate with anyone in the team

Organizations can now bring all their developers, operations team members, and anyone else across the organization into a chat conversation to solve problems quickly. Groups can have up to 100 members for free. This enables IT teams to collaborate with other members in the organization.  

Image 2: Initiate audio or video calls from an Incident Chat in Zoho Cliq.  


ChatOps with Site24x7's chatbot

ChatOps is the model that connects people and data in a collaborative environment, bringing relevant information to discussions about particular ongoing problems. With Site24x7's natural language processing (NLP)-driven bot powered by Zia, incident chat members can pull data on performance metrics, availability, and outages simply by asking the bot. Site24x7's chat bot is also available on iOS and Android apps.

Here's an example of the types of questions you can ask the chatbot:

@Site24x7 What monitors are down at the moment?

Here, the bot recognizes down as the keyword for the status and will get the status of all monitors which are down.

Image 3: Sample bot command to fetch current down/trouble  monitors


Image 4: Interact with the bot from any chat window.


Receive alerts in Cliq channels

Receive Site24x7 alerts in a specific channel in Cliq and take contextual actions like assigning a technician or marking a monitor as under maintenance.



Image 5: Admins can take quick actions on the alert received.


Cliq for Mobile App

Use the mobile app to stay updated and to resolve incidents from anywhere at anytime. The Cliq integration is supported for both iOS and Android versions.

Image 6: Incident chat in mobile


Start using Site24x7's new collaboration platform with best-in-class security. To learn about the installation process and find more information on the Cliq integration, check our help documentation. This feature is available for all paid customers of Site24x7 except for starter plan licensed customers.

We hope you're as excited about this integration as we are. Have any thoughts to share? Leave a comment below. We're all ears! 

-Jasper Paul

Site24x7 PM

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