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Email Notifications - Custom From Address?

Is there any way to modify an email alert's "from" address?  Basically what I'd like to do is fire alerts to a ticketing system with a custom from address (which happens to be our customer's email address).  This way a ticket is opened on behalf of a customer automatically for us to follow up.





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Re: Email Notifications - Custom From Address?

Hi Paul, 

   Yes, can modify an email alert's "from address" to an email of your choice.

Please follow the below steps. 

1. In the Webclient goto Admin tab > Report settings > Customize report.

2. Change the "From email" field to an email address with which the alert should be sent and click save. 

Once done all your subsequent alert mails will be from the from address you configured.  Hope this satisfies your requirement.


Product Manager, Site24x7


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Re: Re: Email Notifications - Custom From Address?

Thanks however I don't want to change the email for reports, I want to change it for alerting.  And I want the ability to change the from address on a per alert basis ... thank you.

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