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Description for Monitors

So when I add a new monitor it ask for display name then goes through the settings but there's no field there for description which I think should be added as most times and especially for those are unfamiliar with the platform, display name may not tell them what the device being monitored do or is used for...example a network appliance can be named by country, city, building floor then may have an acronym for the device but if you're not a network admin none of that mean anything so adding a description field that we can say what the device does and is used for is very useful for support personnel as they get alerts for these devices. 

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Re: Description for Monitors

We are having notes section in monitor details page for this purpose. You can get more information from this post 




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Re: Re: Description for Monitors

We need also a description field in each overview page on your portal Site24x7. It's necessary to identify the function of the specific monitor. In our case we set the admin server option: "Sync Monitor Display Name with Server Hostname". This is needed for our infrastructure as a code (IAC) strategy to install servers and map the agent ID to the displayname automatically. Therefore we loose the display name field in our case and a description field is needed more than ever.


Servername1 (display name) - File Server on premise (description)

Servername2 (display name) - PrintServer Headquarter (description)


We need this information not in the details page of each monitor but on each overview and reporting site to identify the function of the monitor. If you have more then 100+ monitors or 1000+ monitors it's difficult to kepp the overview of the complete functionality of each monitor.

Thank you in advance!

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