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Custom WMI Monitors

Hi All!
How can i create a custom WMI monitor (site 24x7 plugin right?) to monitor one of the several WMI options that a Windows Server has?, can you give me an example for the average disk queue length of a hard diks?


I just cant make it work.

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We have written plugin in vbs which uses WMI to fetch the value for Average Disk Queue Length. 

For adding Average Disk Queue Length plugin please follow the steps listed below 

1. Download the attached zip file and unzip AverageDiskQueueLength.zip under the Plugins folder
      Eg: C:\Program Files (x86)\Site24x7\WinAgent\monitoring\Plugins 

2. The Site24x7 Windows agent will now automatically detect the plugin and mark it up for monitoring.

3. User can set threshold for Average Disk Queue Length and get alert when its violates.  
      Login to your Site24x7 account -> Server -> Plugins -> AverageDiskQueueLength -> Threshold Profile -> Click on pencil icon to edit

To write Windows plugin

To write Linux plugin

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Thanks! it works!, maybe in the future you can add something similar to the WMI browser that OpManager has.

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