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Change email address for notifications

Is there a way to change the email address used for email notifications for existing users? If the system that goes down is our own mail server (we manage our own email servers), then we would not be receiving those alert emails being sent to it (it just happened today... didn't think about this when setting up the system.

I know we can add new users with a different email email (ex @mac.com), but it would be simpler if we can edit the email for the existing ones.




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Dear Roberto,

    We don't have that provision at the moment since it tied with the login. The only way now as you said is to add a new email.

However, as a backup notification you can use the other mediums we have like SMS, Mobile app or a thirdparty integration system where we send alerts to in addition to the email notifications that you configured.

You can also use collaboration platforms like Slack, MSTeams, Zoho Cliq, Telegram to get notified. I suggest you integrate with a channel in any of these platforms and add them as a third party notification to your mail delivery monitors.



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