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Catch up on all the cool features we have released so far - APM Insight & RUM

We've released a bunch of new application performance monitoring (APM) and real user monitoring (RUM) features in Site24x7. Here's a quick overview:  

Support for Single Page Applications (SPAs) 

With Site24x7 RUM, you can monitor applications based on Angular, Ember, React, Backbone, and other custom SPA frameworks. 

Analyze network paths using RUM Traceroute

RUM Traceroute enables you to identify the network path a request took to get to your website, and every hop made in between. This helps you identify whether requests experienced any interruptions reaching your website.  Learn more.

All new enhanced dashboard in APM Insight

Obtain a holistic view of application performance monitoring with our enhanced dashboard. You can analyze the network throughput, and efficiently assess the impact of your application components on the overall response time.  

Mark key transactions

You can group your business-critical transactions as key transactions, and view them separately.You can also choose not to monitor certain transactions. Learn more

Filter your applications

You can filter your applications based on their language type. This can be viewed in the Overview page. 

Important agent updates

We've added context based monitoring for Java applications, introduced custom instrumentation in our Node.js agent, and enhanced monitoring support in our .NET Core agent. 


If you've already evaluated any of these new features, please share your feedback with us.

Happy monitoring!

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