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Cassandra monitoring script in python

Can you provide a sample plugin in python script to monitor Cassandra.

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Re: Cassandra monitoring script in python

Hi Divya,

Please find attached the plugin script to monitor Cassandra. This is a Java plugin invoked from a Shell script. 

By default, we have added metrics to monitor Cassandra cache. You can modify the metrics.txt file to include the list of JMX queries that you wish to monitor. To get started,

  1. Create a folder in the Site24x7 Linux installation directory (/opt/site24x7/monagent/plugins/<cassandra>)
  2. Please set JAVA_HOME and PLUGIN_FOLDER (Cassandra) variables. Also, configure Cassandra server host and JMX port.
  3. To monitor more Cassandra metrics, include the JMX MBean definition and the labels in the metrics.txt file.  

Refer to know more about configuring JMX in  Cassandra.

For further queries, if any, please comment in the below thread. Happy Monitoring!

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Re: Re: Cassandra monitoring script in python

Hi Anita, we are currently running a POC with Site24x7 and Cassandra monitoring is one of our requirements.  Can I ask why this plugin has a limit of 25 items that can be added to the metrics.txt file?  Is there an overhead if you go over 25 and just out of interest, is this plugin being used in production environments?




Paul (SiboSystems)

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