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Better User Grouping and Access Control

Was wondering if there is a way to add this to the roadmap...

Can we get User Groups and Alerting endpoints as distinct items?

Currently Usergroups are used for alerting endpoints but it not always true that everyone in a group needs or wants to get alerts.

Would be nice to have User-Groups be for segmenting users into roles (job functions) and have alert endpoints be specific to who should get alerting for specific monitors. For example, in our environment we have our Networking group but alerts should go to a mailing list not individual people. If we add our Networking people to the Networking group as well as the mailing list, they get double alerts.

As for access, would be nice to be able to assign roles with what can be done, so for example... we currently have SuperAdmins and Admins... We need to allow people to have admin access to Site24x7 so they can do things as admins but they can add new groups and all that stuff. Would be nice to have the option to create custom roles with specific allowances.   So like an Admin outside of the monitoring group would be able to admin all things pertaining to all checks but they would not be able to add new groups ... Maybe have a role that is between an Operator and an Admin...

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