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Attention: Kindly update to the latest Site24x7 Android App version

Update: Site24x7 Android App Version 4.0 is here, upgrade now

Version 4.0 features: 
  • Android M support provided
  • "Poll Now" feature added for Monitors
  • Refreshing GUI changes with new look Charts & Graphs
  • Layouts modified for Tablets to improve the usability
Bug fixes: 
  • Trouble Monitors option available in monitors drop down list
  • Fixed a crash issue reported in Samsung S6 & S6 edge
  • Fix for issue in stopping the ringtone while getting notifications
You must be aware that Site24x7 interacts with Google's Android platform to send out push notifications to Android devices. Recently, Google has  decided  to migrate from the previous  C2DM platform to GCM platform and has completely shut down C2DM service since 20th October 2015.


Please note that our earlier Android App versions ( 3.1.3  and lower) uses C2DM framework for push notifications, hence if you are using our Site24x7 Android App version 3.1.3 or lower, you will no longer receive push notifications on your Android devices. Please upgrade the Site24x7 App Now !

Previous Version 3.2 highlights:  


  • GCM framework based push notification support

  • Monitor detail page supported for VMware & ESX monitors

  • Additional bug fixes

Version Check


You can check the version of your Site24x7  Android App on your mobile device by clicking the 'About Us' option in the app.


Connect with support@site24x7.com if you have further queries.



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