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Alert Acknowlegement

Not sure if this is already in the works but it would be nice to have an ACK option on alerts so that future alerts don't go out since the issue is already being worked on. Also, would be nice to have a uniform list of options in the Outages burger menu.

for certs it's one set:

for websites it's a different set:

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Re: Alert Acknowlegement

It's possible to mute\unmute alarms and also mark the monitor in maintenance mode. In maintenance mode no alerts will send to the alert user group.

For more information look here:


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Re: Re: Alert Acknowlegement

While this is a good way to get around it if it is a known issue that someone forgot to put a check into maintenance.

This was more for if it is a valid issue and someone is already working on the issue, this way others know who to contact regarding the issue/outage.

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