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Add a comment to monitors

Hi There,

It would be great to capture a comment on monitors, which you could then pass in an email / integration messages when the alerts fire. 

The use case would be along the lines of a website monitor which fires off, then to have instructions or a link to a support document to assist the analyst in troubleshooting the issue.

Keen to hear others thoughts if you think this would be beneficial for your organisations or if you know how this could be achieved today

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Re: Add a comment to monitors

Definitely . We are currently using tags for this functionality but this is far from ideal

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Re: Add a comment to monitors

Hey there,

     I had explained the places where you can add comments and notes in this community post. Please read through it and let me know if this is what you are looking for. Unfortunately, notes won't be sent at the moment to third-party integrations. However, we are enhancing our integration capabilities and we'll take this up when we do it.

As of now since we send the monitor details link as part of the alert object we send to third-party tools, technicians/analysts can check the notes from the inventory section by clicking on them. 


Site24x7, PM

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Re: Re: Add a comment to monitors

Hi Jasper,

I've reviewed the link you posted and that is the ability for notes/comments regarding the alarm. E.g. commenting a reason why the alarm fired.

What I was requesting is a comment on the monitor itself which would appwear on all notifications. This would be a comment which could be used to capture a link to documentation or troubleshooting guide. It could also be used to provide standing specific instructions etc.

Does what I'm asking for vs existing functionality make sense?



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