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site24x7 engineering blogs
Site24x7 is a monitoring solution that uses many technologies, servers, and databases at the back end. Like any other IT organization, Site24x7 faces it's own set of challenges and tries to fix them swiftly to deliver the best user experience to end users. Our engineering team is never tired of experiments and never leaves any issue unsolved.

Working with Java, Angular, Redis, and Cassandra on a daily basis, our developers not only know these languages and tools, but also the emotions that go into using them. We want to share what we've learned so that other technical architects and engineers can use our findings.

It's going to be fun reading what's behind the scenes, and we have something for all sorts of users. We have in-house experts in Java, PHP, .NET, Windows, Linux, Cassandra, Redis, MySQL, and more, as each of these form a part of our day-to-day operations.

So what can you expect from the Site24x7 engineering series?

You get to hear from the horse's mouth. We'll document the challenges that we face at the code, system, architecture, and technology levels, and how we arrived at a solution. You can expect posts like:

  • How we solve client UX issues.
  • How we manage multiple data centers.
  • How we manage our Cassandra database.

Are you as excited as we are for the series?

You can also use this space to contribute your ideas and post your questions. Who knows—your questions may end up being answered in one of our blogs.

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Hi there,

Our first blog in this series is live: 

Learn how to enhance the user experience with the idle timer

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Hi there,

Our second blog in this series, JedisPool Optimization is live.


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