How 5G can pave the way for emerging technologies

How 5G can pave the way for emerging technologies

From the discovery of fire to the development of the internet, society’s need to communicate and live as a social unit has inspired endless innovation. Soon we'll be witness to the pinnacle of wireless technology: fifth-generation wireless networks (5G). By allowing users to communicate and share data at breakneck speed, 5G could prove to be a paradigm shift in information consumption and sharing.

5G's impact will be felt in various industries, perhaps not from the get go, but gradually with time. The industries that will see substantial benefits from 5G include gaming, e-commerce, and e-learning.

Gaming and streaming industries

In an effort to take the gaming industry to the next level, various vendors and service providers have devoted themselves to the development of a cloud-based gaming model where, with fewer hardware requirements, users can experience high quality gaming on a subscription basis, like Google Stadia and GeForce Now. Similarly, subscription streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu could benefit from more powerful wireless technology to overcome the hurdles of video quality and accessibility.  

To make these types of internet-based subscription services sustainable, a high speed internet connection with low latency is required. 5G will help close the gap, but monitoring its infrastructure like Wi-Fi 6 is essential to ensure the smooth transmission of data. 


Education has evolved with time, with recent technologies like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) enabling students to learn in new ways. However, many current networks may not be capable of running bandwidth-intensive VR and AR components. By offering faster network speeds, 5G will enable educational institutions to fully embrace these advancements in e-learning applications like Byju's and Greedge.


In our fast-moving world, online shopping has emerged as a service used by more than a quarter of the population worldwide. While online shopping saves a substantial amount of time, it also has some cons with respect to customer experience. For example, customers may find it difficult to buy things online as they don't get the benefit of trying it out first. 5G will help e-commerce vendors overcome these customer experience limitations. Since customers will have a fast enough internet connection to load complex tools powered by VR, AR, and other new technologies, vendors will be able to offer customers cutting-edge features like virtual dressing rooms.

Embracing the benefits of 5G

To perform at its fullest, without buffering or any other delay in the customer experience, 5G's infrastructure and networking has to be stable and available all times. Only then will users be able to achieve a smooth experience.

For businesses to evolve alongside this 5G evolution, they may need to make a few infrastructure changes to implement new components that can support 5G. Their monitoring tools should be capable of monitoring the new infrastructure 5G brings, and be able to handle the speed, bandwidth, and amount of data 5G generates.

5G and Wi-Fi 6—The need of the hour

The current COVID-19 scenario has put these technological advancements to a back seat with a lot more priorities now. An average household's dependency on the internet has grown 5x with a minimum of two people on video conferences and meetings, children attend online classes while teens are busy with online streaming sites. Internet service providers (ISPs) have managed to handle this with minimal hiccups and less reduction in speed. 5G and WiFi-6 can further enhance speed and performance and will be the ideal solution for an emergency situation like this. 

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