Amazon Route 53 Monitoring

Gain complete visibility into user requests routed through infrastructures running both inside and outside AWS using a cloud-based monitoring solution.

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Chart visualizing health of Route 53 Health checker

Route 53 Health Check

  • Stay on top of outages with continuous checks that track the health status of your web servers, web applications, and HTTP endpoints.
  • Track the percentage of availability for the monitored domain and make informed decisions about failover planning.
  • Achieve high SLAs for your application by maintaining fully functional resources, and reduce the mean time to repair (MTTR) with instant alerting.
  • Implement automatic incident remediation, and restart your web and application servers upon changes in status.
Line chart visualizing DNS resolver queries

Route 53 Resolver

  • Monitor DNS queries forwarded from resolvers on your network to the Route 53 Resolver.
  • Troubleshoot errors instantly with Query logs collected for every DNS request and response.
  • Track the number of conditional forward queries from a VPC to resolvers on your network.
  • Manage forwarding rules for each domain name under a single console.
Line chart visualizing number of requests

Route 53 Hosted Zone

  • Track the internet traffic to your domain, and plan workload distribution across multiple resources.
  • Analyze the traffic patterns over custom time periods to determine the nature of requests reaching your domain.
  • Gather details on the total queries received by the edge locations and keep an eye on DNS latency.
  • Troubleshoot DNS errors by tracking the number of queries resolved by the DNS server in comparison to the request count.
Traffic policy chart

Route 53 Hosted Zone Record Set

  • Understand and visualize your complex routing configurations via a traffic policy chart.
  • Refine the existing routing policies of your domain.
  • Use query logging to manage traffic policies by gathering information about the queries received by the records in a hosted zone
  • Refine your routing policy by tracking the number of DNS queries and their responses.

Put your Route 53 metrics to full use


Get a comprehensive overview of DNS health and its request and response queries with charts and graphs. Access out-of-the-box reports, create your own custom dashboards, and more.

Historical data

Analyze DNS requests and see internet traffic to your site over a period of time with our flexible data retention schedules.

Query logs

Troubleshoot issues with ease by browsing through the query logs documented for every query received by the records in a hosted zone.

Discover and debug DNS issues quickly

Monitor your DNS endpoints for their availability and drill down in to the DNS query types and response codes to pinpoint the origin of the issue.

response time line graph
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