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What is bandwidth monitoring?

Network Bandwidth Monitor

Bandwidth monitoring is a way to analyze your network bandwidth usage to identify anomalies, view top talkers, and spot bandwidth hogs.

Disruptions in network connectivity often lead to loss of customer interest and employee productivity. Proactively monitoring, identifying, and preventing bandwidth issues helps ensure your network is reliable and bandwidth is allocated for the right purpose.

Why monitor your network bandwidth?

Imagine you are in a web conference using a meeting app with colleagues from different countries. While explaining a critical point, you realize that no one can hear you. Does this sound familiar? Monitoring your network bandwidth ensures you can avoid this situation.

This and other disruptive issues can happen if an organization has 100 employees using the internet simultaneously. Monitoring the network bandwidth can help prevent the connection from slowing down, or verify if a business-critical application is not performing as expected. With a network bandwidth monitoring tool, network admins can view which conversations or devices use more bandwidth, and help avoid bandwidth shortages or bottlenecks. Also, admins can easily detect bandwidth hogs. They can receive proactive information about bandwidth issues in the network so they can take simple measures, like switching to a different network, to maximize network performance and ensure no dip in productivity across the organization results.

Ensuring uninterrupted connectivity is a significant advantage of bandwidth monitoring, and helps admins keep the network secure. Bandwidth monitoring enables admins to quickly identify if there are any large data-transfers between devices that seem out of the ordinary.

Reasons to choose network bandwidth monitoring

Key features of Site24x7's network bandwidth monitoring tool

Business-critical applications must run without interruptions. Additionally, there can be no interruptions in a workplace that is increasingly global and fluid. These changes introduce new challenges for network admins, who must ensure that all devices on their network can transfer and receive data without interruptions.

A network bandwidth monitoring tool helps:

Measure the bandwidth usage in real-time

Flows exported to Site24x7's NetFlow Analyzer help you interpret how the network bandwidth is used in real time.

Identify the top-talkers

Discover which applications consume the most bandwidth and which ones are the top talkers in the network.

Key out bandwidth hogs

Intuitively identifies if there's more traffic as compared to the bandwidth, as this will directly affect the network performance.

Improve network security by isolating anomalies

Prevent distributed denial-of-service attacks by constantly monitoring traffic and measuring bandwidth usage over time to intuitively identify anomalies.

Send alerts in case of any issues

Alerts you about abnormal network behavior, like high bandwidth utilization, and tackles security issues by helping identify suspicious activity.

Generate custom reports

Analyze bandwidth based on application, conversation or quality of service (QoS) with detailed bandwidth reports that help analyze and drill-down to the cause.

Why use Site24x7 for bandwidth monitoring?

Site24x7 delivers complete visibility into your network by monitoring your source and destination devices, their interfaces, and the traffic flowing through them. It also provides stats on peak traffic, surges in traffic volumes, application and interface traffic, and bandwidth-hogging conversations. With interface-level details along with insights based on the IP address, application, and protocol, you can view your monitoring data from dashboards and consolidated reports. Also, this network traffic tool helps you analyze flows based on various technologies, like NetFlow, sFlow, and J-Flow.

Working of Network Bandwidth Monitoring Tool

Supported flow technologies to monitor network traffic

Site24x7 supports all leading flow technologies available in the market.






NetFlow: Supported vendors
Multi-vendor support
NetFlow: Multiple Protocols
Multi-protocol support

Cloud-based network traffic and bandwidth monitoring

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Overview of network bandwidth monitoring

How do you check bandwidth usage on your networks?

A bandwidth monitoring tool helps network administrators monitor bandwidth usage and analyze traffic. It also helps troubleshoot the origin of the issue, when and if there is one. To gain control of your network bandwidth, an ideal bandwidth monitoring tool must be able to show which IP, application, or port requires attention, so that the other users in the network have sufficient bandwidth.

Site24x7's bandwidth monitoring tool helps:

Best practices to monitor network bandwidth

Here are a few tips to help you easily monitor bandwidth usage on your network and troubleshoot issues, if there are any.

How to control bandwidth usage?

When there are productivity issues, most organizations opt to increase the bandwidth that might not be used for the intended purpose. Conversely, when there is a large amount of network traffic, security risks increase. In both cases, controlling bandwidth can resolve performance issues, save on costs, and prevent security risks.

You can achieve bandwidth control through real-time monitoring and configuring QoS policies. Site24x7's NetFlow Analyzer helps you gain complete control of the bandwidth usage in your network so you can employ traffic-moderating strategies. These strategies help you to:

What is the difference between bandwidth and speed?

Bandwidth refers to how much data can be sent or received over the network. However, speed refers to how fast data can be transmitted or received at any moment. For example, while downloading a large file, you can view the download speed on your browser.

Why use Site24x7's NetFlow Analyzer to monitor bandwidth?

Hybrid workplaces, and global organizations bring new challenges for admins to monitor their network. With increasing attacks on organizational networks, it is important to use a secure tool that can:

A complete network monitoring system

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