FTP Monitoring

Use Site24x7's FTP monitoring tool to gain complete visibility into the performance and availability of your FTP or SFTP servers. Track the round-trip-time, upload or download times, response time, and much more using FTP monitoring.

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Round-the-Clock FTP Transfer Monitoring

Monitor critical metrics such as round-trip-time, file upload time, file download time, and response time from 130 locations across the globe.

Monitor the round-trip-time, upload or download times, and more with FTP Server monitoring
Gain insights and an in-depth analysis on the performance of your FTP servers

In-depth FTP Performance Analysis

View, analyze and compare FTP performance for a given period of time using Site24x7 Reports. These reports can be exported as CSV, Email, PDF or RSS for deep dive analysis and study.

Instantaneous Notification

Minimize the risk of critical data loss, any impact on your business credibility and revenue by getting instant notifications via Email/Voice/SMS/PDF/RSS/Push Notifications as and when there is an outage.

Get alerts when your FTP monitor is down

How does FTP monitoring work?

Once you add your FTP Server for monitoring, Site24x7 will use a test file to check the upload and download functions as well as the availability of your FTP Server. A FTP Server will be reported unavailable if:

  • The FTP Server is not accessible
  • The username/password is invalid in the case of authenticated FTP Servers
  • Response time crosses your specified threshold
  • File upload or download time crosses your specified threshold.