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Zoho Desk Integration Yet?

According to 2020 roadmap (www.site24x7.com/community/site24x7-product-roadmap-2020) I see that more Zoho products are going to be integrated with Site24x7.  Any updates on where Zoho Desk integration is at currently?

What I would absolutely love to see, per my requirements, is in Site24x7 is having a custom field per monitor.  We will call that custom field "OID" which would be short for the customer's Order ID, which is essentially a reference to a specific customer's service that we provide them from an Managed Services perspective.  Now, an alert condition is met and that alert is sent to Zoho Desk (along with the OID).   Great, a ticket is opened for that particular customer!

Now, in Zoho Desk we have the same "OID" reference so when the ticket is opened, we know which customer to associate that alert to automatically. 

Is something like this going to be possible? :)



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Hi Paul,

  We are starting with Zoho desk integration, so this is the right time to suggest your request. Need some clarification

>>> in Site24x7 is having a custom field per monitor

By this do you mean that lets say if you have customer with OID: A1, you want all mark all alerts for customer that as OID A1. 

If yes, we can support that in Zoho desk during our implementation. We will use custom parameters which is is a standard feature in all our integrations.


PM Site24x7


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May I know currently where zoho is heading towards this issue. I'm also looking to integrate the zoho desk to site24x7.

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Hi There, 

  Our apologies for not taking up Zoho Desk integration as there was a shift in priorities. We are targeting for a Q4 2021 release. Alternatively, you can use our custom webhook integration to achieve the same including auto updating of tickets based on alerts.   


PM, Site24x7

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Hi all,

We've brought in the Site24x7 integration with Zoho Desk that you were looking forward to.

Read the help documentation to know how to integrate your Site24x7 account with Zoho Desk to track your alerts as tickets in Zoho Desk. We're all ears to hear your feedback. Please feel free to add them as comments in this thread. 


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