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Re: zoho desk and zoho assist integration

Thanks for asking this Vicente. We have plans to support zoho desk and assist. We'll update here once we have the integration ready.

- An alert in a monitor will create a ticket in zoho desk.

- Having a link to zoho assist when a down or trouble alert is triggered or when an escalation alert is triggered.

These are some usecases where the integration can be useful. 

If you have any usecases in mind please share it here. 


Product Manager, Site24x7.

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Re: Re: Re: zoho desk and zoho assist integration


We haven't started work on this due to other priorities. However would like to know what is the expectation for this integration. Are the above mentioned usecases relevant for you as well? If you have any other cases please update here so that it will be useful for us when we take it up.


Product Manager, Site24x7


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Re: Re: Re: Re: zoho desk and zoho assist integration

I had assumed we when started with Site24x7 that integration with more Zoho products was existing.  I'm trying to determine currently whether to use Zoho Desk or another 3rd party to support customers at this moment.

With other systems what I've done in the monitoring system is assign a unique ID (or use one if it exists already) and then on the the ticketing application assign that unique ID to a customer account (in some cases many unique ID"s mapped to one single customer).  This way when ticket is opened it's opened specifically to the correct customer.

This would be a significantly handy feature for our use cases where we supply managed network equipment to customers and want to create a ticket for the customer automatically when alert conditions are met.

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Hi Jasper.

We are testing 24x7 sites and we like it a lot. We are already Zoho Desk users and we would like to know, when will it be integrated?

The integrations you propose are very helpful

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Re: Re:


  We will be working on it very soon. In the mean time, we would like to know how do you use Zoho Desk today and do expect from us apart from the notifications that we will send once integrated. Any insights would help us give better integrate with Desk.


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Re: Re: Re:

Is there an expected timeline for this integration? We are managed service provider and this integration would be something that would help us manage monitoring and support management. 

Alternatively, if native support is not available can this be achieved by creating an external bridge - like a custom widget on Zoho creator or third party tools like Zappier? 




Andrew Samraj, 

HearITright Technology Services 

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Re: Re: Re:

From Admin -> 3rd Party Integrations select the Zoho Desk integration.  On the integration page the following options are available:

- Associate to User Alert Group:

-  Desk Alert Settings:


-  Don't Alert Desk:



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we still don't have the option to integrate with Zoho Desk :(


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