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Wrap Monitor Column in reports and UX

This is mostly a nit-picky thing... but posting here nonetheless just in case others may have the same problem.

In my use case, we tend to produce some fairly long names for our monitors. We used long monitor names so as to make searching quite versatile for us, giving us an ability to search on things like environment, url/domain, poor-man's "tags"  (for example tag_client), etc... and putting all of that in the monitor name.

The problem is that long monitor names get cut off in emailed reports, UX table columns in reports tab, and elsewhere. It seems that it just "cuts" out with "..." at about 30 characters. Some of our monitor names are 50-60 characters.

Would be nice to have a configurable option or display improvement such that the monitor field can be "wrapped" to show the entire string, or to cut off at come configurable number of characters. Those are just a few options I thought of, perhaps there other/more/better alternatives.
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Re: Wrap Monitor Column in reports and UX

I will add that this problem may be mostly alleviated if/when tags are implemented, as we wouldn't have to put so much metadata into our monitor name then. Just hoping that tags would be searchable throughout the UX too.

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Re: Wrap Monitor Column in reports and UX

We are currently working on enhancing our client and reports.  We will address the above said problem in our new reports.

We will also have Monitor Tagging feature as part of our client enhancement.

Once initial version is ready we can give beta access to our new client. Let me know if you are interested, so that we will notify you once it is available.

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Re: Wrap Monitor Column in reports and UX

Hi Jamie,

An additional question for you.  What are the reports you use in Site24x7 ?

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Re: Wrap Monitor Column in reports and UX

Hi. It would be under the reports tab, for instance the "outage report".

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