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Would you able to add storage plugins ?

Could you please add netapp plugin integration? 

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Any progress with this? 

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Hi Dima,

You can monitor NetApp devices using our SNMP-based Network Monitoring product.

There are default device templates with performance counters for NetApp storage devices. There's also a global template for NAS which contains all NAS related performance counters common to QNAP, Synology, and NetApp vendors.

You can make use of these or create your custom templates and monitor using our custom SNMP monitoring.

Here's a partial list of performance metrics that we provide.

Do you have any specific requirements? Please let us know.




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You Synology and QNAP templates pretty much do not work. I have loads of these NAS servers at various sites for storing files. Monitoring them with Site24, is a pretty far from great. Either you have to add them as Linux servers using SNMP ( works with Synology only), but miss all the disk related monitoring or if you add them using the Global Templates you have added then you get pretty much nothing. 

I have been on the support regarding this before and nothing is really added, it is now at the level that I am looking for an alternative. The sub-standard SNMP monitoring capabilities need to be be raised.

please look into actually creating working templates for more of the Synology and QNAP based products.

David Jay - Deep North

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Storage and Site24x7 work really bad on monitoring... unless they have some new great addon for this I'd stay away

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Hi David,

We understand your concern. We already have plans to enhance our network monitoring product to support storage devices. We will also be adding more storage device templates in our next release.

Till then, you can contact us at support@site24x7.com so that we can analyze further and help you with the same.



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