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Windows Updates?

I would like to know if a server has pending critical updates for greater than X hours or days.  Leaving public facing servers unprotected is a serious risk.  There are other ways that this information can be gotten, but I would prefer to have it in a central monitoring app rather than running multiple monitoring apps.

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Re: Windows Updates?

by it11

We would love this exact function also: pending critical updates for X hours/days. Thank you!

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Re: Re: Windows Updates?

Hi ,

Thanks for bringing up this feature request. We will add this in our road map.

Before that, we would like to have a few clarifications from your side:

1. Would you prefer to be alerted when there are pending Windows updates for X hours or days?

2. Would you like to us to display details of the installed Windows updates done in the server as historical data in the Site24x7 web client? 

3. Would you like to perform installation of the Windows updates with the help of our Site24x7 Windows agent, after getting a confirmation from the user?

4. What interval would you like to check for pending Windows updates, say 1 hour, 6 hours, 12 hours, or 1 day?


This would help us work on the feature specific to your requirements. Please let us know for any further questions.






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Re: Re: Re: Windows Updates?

Any news on this feature?

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Windows Updates?


     We will be starting work on this feature soon.  I will update this thread once it goes live.





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