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Windows Servers timezone check


I have several Windows servers that are hosting international used .net applications. These .net applications use date time calculations based on the timezone settings of each server.

We experience differences on those servers specially in relation to start/end of DST.

Therefore I think it would be a good idea to propose a new feature:

Use the windows site24x7 agent to check if all servers have the correct timezone configuration (compared to internet source).

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Re: Windows Servers timezone check


Thanks for raising this. Could you please brief us more on your requirement? Would you like to monitor if the servers are in the correct time zone configuration?

Alternatively, you can view servers based on their time zone in the Server Inventory Report.

  1. Log in to Site24x7 and go to Server > Server Monitor > Inventory Dashboard.
  2. Under Inventory Details, click on Servers.
  3. Select Time Zone from the Group By drop-down. This would list servers based on their time zones.

Hope this helps. For further queries, if any, please comment in the below thread.




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