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Windows Server Agent vs VMWare Discovered Windows Servers

Hey everyone. 
I am just getting into testing this product and had a question. 
I will use this primarily to monitor Windows Servers and VMWare. 
I installed the agent on my windows servers, and I get all of that data. 
I setup my VCenter as well, and it grabbed all of my VMWare hosts, and it also grabbed the guest Windows Servers. 
Now in my list, I have each server twice. Once as a Windows Server from the agent, and one as the Windows Server from the VMWare discovery. They seem to have different stats. 

IS there a way to combine these stats? Or should I just be using the agent OR the VMWare discovery instead of both?

Looking for best practices here. Thanks!

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Re: Windows Server Agent vs VMWare Discovered Windows Servers

It is not possible to combine the data of two different monitor types. In Server monitoring, we will show the server metrics such as CPU, Memory and DISK utilizations, etc. Also, you can check the availability and performance of individual services and processes running on the server. 

In addition to these details, you can also monitor IIS, SQL, MS Exchange, BizTalk and SharePoint servers from the single server monitoring agent. 

On VM server monitor, we will show some additional server metrics in regards to Hardware, DISK I/O, CPU, Memory, etc. 

Both server and VM server monitoring comes under the basic monitors, so you can choose which monitor type is required based on your requirement.

You can find the metrics of both the monitor types in the links given below. 

VM server monitor:

Server monitor:

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