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Windows Failover Cluster MountPoints

We have multiple mountpoints with no drive letter running in our environment.  I can see it in Site24x7 where it shows generic path names such as, \\?\Volume{0670809e-95e1-4233-994c-bb8b86550b2b}, the associated Volume Label and the size.  I know I can set the Threshold Configuration for each of the child monitors, however, when it alerts, it only gives the path but not the name, therefore its hard to determine what the issue is for specific users.  In the next agent version, will there be a better way to monitor mount points that will be similar to how disk drives with letters are monitored?  I'm hoping to get an alert for the Volume Label, rather than the Path, and where I can edit the Threshold in a similar way to regular disks, where I can say, "if the mountpoint is using 95% for over 60 minutes, mark as Trouble".


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Re: Windows Failover Cluster MountPoints

Hi Sheppard,

Thank you for raising your request. We are working on providing the Volume label in the alert mail for easier identification. We will update this thread once this change is rolled out.

Regarding your second request, we have an option to set the threshold for Volumes in Windows Failover Cluster, however, we currently don't support "Strategy" for the same. Although we cannot assure a timeline now, we will ensure this is done at the earliest.


Uthra V.

Site24x7 Team

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Re: Re: Windows Failover Cluster MountPoints

Can we know when its going to be able this feature? For us it´s relevant to monitor the mountpoints.

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