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Windows agent to support Docker container monitoring

Hi guys,


We are a Windows-centric company only recently wandering into the Docker era. I noticed the Windows server monitor can report on some virtual platforms, so this is just a small suggestion to take Docker into account when you plan :)



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Re: Windows agent to support Docker container monitoring

Hi Nicolai,

Thanks for your request. We already have the feature in our roadmap. I'll update this thread once the feature goes live. 

Can you throw some more light on your requirement before we implement this feature in Windows. 

1. Are there any container orchestrations used? If yes, please specify the name.

2. What kind of applications are you running within the container?

3. Do you required any IT Automation to perform unresponsive containers for automatic recovery?

4. Do you require any kind of capacity planning for containers?



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Re: Re: Windows agent to support Docker container monitoring

Hi Muralikrishnan,

Thank you for your answer. We are still only running Docker for development but will deploy to production in 6-9 months.

1. Nothing is set in stone but from what I hear from my users Kubernetes is the way things are going.

2. We will be running a backend web service using microservice architecture on Windows core.

3. Most likely we will have our owen monitoring and alert´. Site 24x7 is mostly used for monitoring the host servers and reporting on vitals.

4. No not in the current project.

We have another huge online system running on AWS in virtual machines - maybe in a couple of years this will be refactored to docker as well, in which case my answers to 3 and 4 will be different :)



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