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Wierd bulk action


i have this problem.

I cannot assign user to only one monitor for alert, only the way is make new alert group add this server under this group and assign user to new alert group.


UserA need to monitor ServerA, but ServerA is already in group AlertA, in alert group AlertA are also another servers which i dont want to assign to UserA. So I need to ServerA assign to another alert group AlertB (which will exclusive for UserA). Cool i will edit monitor and add it to another alert group. 

Next day.. UserA need to monitor 30 servers, every servers are already assigned to another alert groups and must stay in these groups. So i want to assign this 30 servers to new alert group AlertB. I will choose Admin > Inventory > monitors > bulk action > modify user alert group. In bulk action i will choose 30 servers and assign them to group AlertB.

The problem is that if i will not choose alert groups in which server already was simultaneously with AlertB group, then action will move server from every group and will assign to only AlertB which is not nice.

If i will do this for 30 servers than these servers will be moved from their groups and will be assigned to only one alert group.

I dont understand to this behavior.


So how can I easily add my 30 servers to new alert group without prune them from their old alert groups?





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Re: Wierd bulk action

Why not add UserA to the group that is listed for those 30 servers instead of creating many groups for special cases?

Better yet, what we did was create mailing lists for different use cases and added users to the mailing list instead of to groups in Site24x7, we then created groups around those mailing lists.  This way there was less maintenance that needed to happen inside of Site24x7.

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Re: Re: Wierd bulk action


thank you for reply and idea, if i will add UserA to every these groups, then the user will see more servers then he need. 

solution with mailing list sounds nice, but for what is groups good then.

Another thing i dont building monitoring from scratch i came to ready solution..

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Re: Wierd bulk action

Thanks Marek for raising this. We'll see how best to improve this. I'll update it here once we have a ready-made solution in the client. 


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