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What's New in Site24x7 Server Monitoring!

We are glad to add few more features to our server monitoring solution to further enhance your monitoring experience.

  • One minute polling interval for data collection
  • Server Health Dashboard
  • Server Inventory Dashboard

One Minute Polling Interval for Data Collection:

We now support data collection with a polling frequency of one minute (in addition to the existing five minutes interval). With data collection happening at one minute, you can now avoid unnecessary downtime and keep an eye on critical performance metrics including CPU, memory, network, disk etc. to avoid bottlenecks and server performance issues.

Know how to set this up and identify potential issues minute by minute, around the clock.

Server Health Dashboard:

View and analyze the performance of your entire server environment by getting to know the current count and status of all the servers in your account. Detect performance outages by viewing the top servers based on CPU, memory, network and disk usage. Also, know the status of all your applications and plugins added in your Site24x7 account.

Server Inventory Dashboard:

Get the inventory details of all the server monitors and their related application monitors in your account. This displays the count of servers and its resources (services, processes, checks, plugins, applications) being monitored at any given period of time. Filtering out based on domains will help find out the problematic server and resolve the issue before it affects the overall performance.

Do check out these enhancements and let us know your valuable learnings and suggestions.

Happy Monitoring!

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Re: What's New in Site24x7 Server Monitoring!


We have released a detailed Inventory Report that shows all the servers and applications in your Site24x7 account based on hostname, domain name, IP address, time zone, OS version among many others. This report can be viewed under the Server Inventory Dashboard or via Reports > Server Monitor > All Monitors > Inventory Report. 

You can share this report as PDF, CSV, or by email. For any further clarifications, you can comment in the below thread or get in touch with us at support@site24x7.com.

Happy Monitoring!

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Re: Re: What's New in Site24x7 Server Monitoring!

Great feature, please go further with server monitoring. We like Site24x7 over years!

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