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Website plugins to show status and alerts

I really like the new and improved status page. And with my MSP account i would really like to use this for me and my clients.

I mailed these request but was asked to create a topic. I am sorry for adding external links but it makes the request much more obvious, if this is not allowed, please remove the links, not the request.


I use a different application at the moment that offers some interesting features that are essential to our status pages.
I would really like to see the features implemented so we can make the switch and connect our monitoring to our status pages.

With these features there is a connection between website and status page and makes sure support questions and calls are limited.
It helps people inform there is something wrong before looking at any status page or contact page.


Feature requests:

1. A website notification bar 'script' that allows users to add a simple code to the website that will show a notification bar in the top of the website during downtime / alert / planned maintenance.


2. A status box or plugin to add to the website that shows current status. 
This is for clients websites to show there is currenty no downtime or error.


I hope these features requests are clear, i will answer if there are questions.
I really hope these features gets implemented, it would add great functionality.



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Re: Website plugins to show status and alerts


Thanks for explaining your use case in details. We already have this feature in our road map. We will update this space once the feature is live.


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